Small Packages

February 11, 2010 at 3:30 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, I am really starting to gear up for my second Muddy Buddy, ride/run race!! stubborn Jack Frost sure is sticking around longer than I would like him to, but luckily I am able to get in some good workouts inside.

The Muddy Buddy is a 10k ride/run event completed with a partner. One buddy will start on a bike the other running, after about a mile and a half you get to an obstacle complete the obstacle and continue on “leap frogging” one another until the 50 yard mud pit.

Before last year I tried to train as much as possible and really prepare myself. I had never been in any sort of race and was really excited! Wow… I had no idea how difficult  this race would be!!! I started off on my mountain bike while my good friend Stephanie ran. side note: our team name is Small Packages. This race took place in the HEART of the Texas Hill Country. I can not elaborate enough when I tell you that throughout the race, we only came across about 100 yards of flat land. Everything else was rocky hills… up and down, up and down, running and biking, up and down.

The obstacles consisted of a rock wall with a rope ladder on the opposite side, a 50 ft rope ladder with an inflatable slide, a balance beam, a net to belly crawl under and then finally the obstacle was… the infamous MUD PIT. The obstacles were by far my favorite part and I demolished them! I really felt almost as if I was floating through every obstacle. I never stopped, my feet never missed a step. THAT my friends was an amazing feeling.

Toward the end of the race the fatigue was surely setting in. The hills seemed almost impossible to climb and peddling the bike felt as if your thighs were on fire. When we got to the mud pit (you have to crawl on your stomach) we basically just swam and acted as if we were in the military. Pulled ourselves up and ran to the finish line!!!!! What an amazing feeling. We finished 13 out of our heat.

This year we are going for top 5!! Now that we both know what to expect I think training will help a lot more. We are really going to prepare ourselves and the small packages will be unstoppable!!!

I can not explain how amazing it feels to compete… I am a true competitor and this race makes my life just a little more full.

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Fine tuning

January 5, 2010 at 5:56 pm (Uncategorized)

In the past couple of years I have really started to experiment and enjoy cooking.  It is such a wonderful feeling when you make something, that your friend, guest, or family RAVE about. Plus, for me being a woman it is not just something to add to my resume, it is a necessity. As a woman I should want to serve elaborate homemade meals to my friends and family. Sooo, here I am perfecting my skills that so one day when I am have a family of my own, I can share all these amazing recipes with the ones I love the most. Not to mention people will start referring to me as a wonderful cook.

This past Christmas I received two cookbooks, I am a member of all and you can find me surfing for new recipes regularly. Last night I took a collaboration of recipes that Imade previouisly, found on the internet or have been given by a friend, to make WHITE CHILI!!!

Most have never heard of  “such a thing” as white chili. So I go on to explain the main ingredients, how I like to make it, the different versions I have tried and so on. Some crinkle their nose, some seem interested and others just want me to bring some to work so that they can try for themselves.

Last night I made, what from here on out I plan on referring to as my “Famous While Chili”. Yes, ladies and gentleman- it was AMAZING. Creamy, not too rich, tasty with just the right amount of kick (from the cayenne pepper). This is the recipe I will stick with! Let’s hope that I remember which parts of which recipe I used.

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You can’t go home again.

January 4, 2010 at 10:04 pm (Uncategorized)

When we leave home and move on, there is one thing most have in common. To do the best we can. Some I think especially here in the South, forget who they are. Growing up in small town with conservative, strict, traditional, well mannered family- there are things I was not allowed to forget and things that I seemed to let slip through the cracks.

I  went through a phase my first couple of years in college where I wanted to do every and anything, for myself. I would refuse the help to carry my  bag/suitcase, hold the door open for me, get something that was out of reach ( I would rather shimmy up something, than to allow someone to help me.) This constant behavior was me, acting, “tough”. To me, if I could do everything for myself, I would never need to rely on anyone else for help or support. (I am sure you can use your head on this and know, what this behavior stems from) I tried to shake off my roots by removing “ya’ll” from my vocabulary, replacing it with “you guys”. Basically, pinching myself everytime I goofed up so that it was automatic to say the later.

I really did think I was SO tough, all 5’2″, 105 lbs of me. I refused to let people see my emotions and thrived on people accepting that I was so tough for such a tiny girl. I would push it to the back burner in a large pot. I would continue to add an array of emotions and feelings into this pot. This stew pot, that continued to “stew” until it would explode on an unexpecting person, because when things start to boil they will eventually start to boil over.

Esentially, I got lost in this enormous world we live in and forgot who I was. I wanted to keep people at bay so that I never had to show my vulnerabilty. It seems to be a family trait, that I am not so proud of.  To act tough when things hurt or bother you, get defensive and bark louder at the other person, so that they back down, great traits…

This pattern of behavior continuted until my Junior year of College. I was dating a “nice guy” one that never let me forget how he felt about me or how beautiful he thought I was. He gave me any and everything that I wanted/needed. He took me on weekend getaways, showered me with gifts, and even accompanied me on a study abroad trip to Spain. (at the time I had no idea how rare and amazing this man was)This is where it all started to unravel.

He did the unthinkable. He broke up with me in the middle of our study abroad trip… and it took that instant for me to realize what a jerk I had been. I had completeley forgotten who I was, to make sure I always pushed him away so that I would never be hurt. Instead I hurt him so much that he could no longer take it. From that moment on, I dropped the tough girl act and started acting like a lady.

Of course this didn’t happen in the blink of an eye. It took some time and patience on my part. I wanted to drop the tough act. I wanted to enjoy someone wanting to take care of me. I not only want men to hold the door open for me, I expect them to. Of course I can still do a lot of things for myself- but what is the point of living in the south, if you never get to take advantage of the southern charm that still lives here?

Thankfully that man that expected more from me and kicked my butt back into gear has made me a better person and continues to be in my life. The point of my first blog is, well, to not get lost in this world we live in… don’t forget who you really are and just because you grew up one way, doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.

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Hello world!

January 4, 2010 at 9:22 pm (Uncategorized)

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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